Life is full of uncertainty but living with high blood pressure make it very scary because one minute you can be fine the next minute the unspeakable might happen because high blood pressure is a silent killer in most cases symptoms are not visible and once symptoms like headache ,being light-headed chest pain ,shortness of breath surface there is need for one to take extra caution because the unexpected can happen at any time. living with high blood pressure makes me get closer to God because my biggest prayer was for me to see the next day especially for days I found myself in the hospital .it has been 15 years of fears for my life, several doctors appointment, Different brand of medication and so much that my mouth cannot stay .even with being consistent about using the medication, this pills could not even keep me out of the hospital for two months straight. I have also tried different herbs all gives the same results .yes I might feel relieved for a few days but after a few days I am back to reality. it could have been better if taking the needed medication can save my life and and keep me from this frequent doctor appointments but No the drugs only treat daily symptoms and have been stuck to this for the past 15 years.

I decided it was time when my recent doctor visit said that there is a threat to my kidneys as a result of high blood pressure, Ah I know high blood pressure destroys internal organs in the body but will this deadly disease cut my life short like ? after working hard all my life it was time for me to start enjoying all I have Worked for but high blood pressure make tomorrow really uncertain. My quest for solution to Save My Life make me find out more about high blood pressure and I discovered that I oluwalogbo Sunday Davies is behind 70% of everything I have been going through with high blood pressure, I discovered I have been feeding my body with food that will continue to damage and worsen the high blood pressure I have, I never realised that un healthy diet is the number one cause of high blood pressure and in order to be free from high blood pressure I need to make my food the medication or the medicine I need. each and every of my spoon should serve an healthy purpose which I have been lacking for the past 15 years which make it impossible for me to be free from this deadly disease called high blood pressure

I got my life back after spending so much on supplements ,so much on medication ,so much on herbs with little to NO results by Joining a wellness program called the EAT to HEAL by bims_wellness. this program takes my health from 0 to 100 in just two months ,I was given one of the best meal plan in the world because each and every food ,smoothie ,juice fruit on this meal plan heal me in a way I never expected apart from being totally free from high blood pressure my kidney are totally fine now and for the past one year I have never experienced any symptoms of high blood pressure. my reading are constantly in 117/80 and this is my testimony and I will continue to share it with every living soul that cares to listen if you have high blood pressure the first thing you need to fix is your nutrition and with Eat to heal program I guarantee you your high blood pressure will be a thing of the past I join this program online and I was able to access it anywhere I was in the world. I have recommend a lot of people to them .if you really want to be free from high blood pressure join this program right now before you condemn yourself to drugs all those drugs are not going to reverse your high blood pressure they’re only going to suppress the symptoms and that is why you have to use it every single day I got my life back with the help of eat to eat to heal


Bad choice of food is one of the leading cause of high blood pressure and that is why we called high blood pressure a lifestyle disease ,meaning what you have been eating for the past 5 years, 10 years, have a great impact on your health. in order for you to treat high blood pressure from the root you need to adapt a lifestyle change and that is what we do at bims_wellness with our program called the Eat To Heal Program.The Eat To Heal Program is a comprehensive health initiative offered by Bims_Wellness. It is designed to address and naturally reverse high blood pressure through a combination of tailored, world-class meal plans and personalized lifestyle changes. The program emphasizes the profound connection between diet and health, aiming to promote internal healing and boost the immune system. Participants can expect benefits such as reversed high blood pressure, improved cardiovascular health, preventive measures against future health issues, and a holistic approach to overall well-being. The program goes beyond short-term solutions, encouraging a sustained shift towards a healthier lifestyle for long-lasting results.


1. Natural Blood Pressure Reduction:* The Eat To Heal Program is designed to naturally lower and reverse high blood pressure, offering a medication-free approach to managing cardiovascular health.

2. Tailored World-Class Meal Plans:* Benefit from meticulously curated meal plans crafted to facilitate healing from within. Each item is chosen strategically to support your journey to optimal health.

3.Immune System Boost:* Beyond addressing high blood pressure, the program enhances your immune system, providing a holistic approach to fortifying your body against various health challenges.

4. *Preventive Health Measures:* By adopting the program, you proactively safeguard yourself from future health issues. The emphasis on preventive measures ensures a comprehensive approach to long-term well-being.

5. *Personalized Lifestyle Change:* The Eat To Heal Program encourages a lifestyle shift, addressing the root cause of high blood pressure. This personalized approach ensures sustained health benefits beyond the duration of the program.


Join the Eat To Heal Program today with a one-time payment of ₦10,000. Enjoy a lifetime of benefits and support until your blood pressure is effectively reversed.

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How To Join

Simply click on the red button below and you’ll be taken to our official WhatsApp page where you will be given the account details to paid the program fee .. once payment is confirmed you will be added to the group and you will be with us till your blood pressure is reversed

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Most frequent questions and answers

This program is not time bound, once you pay the program fee , you will be added to the program immediately and you can access it at your 0wn time

Eat TO Heal Program is hosted online and you can access it any where you are in the world.

with over 1400 active member we can boldly say that EAT TO HEAL is guaranteed to give you %100  result once you follow the laid down process accordingly

Eat to Heal is %100 lifestyle modification program where we teach you how to use natural foods as an healing tool for total wellness . we are truly what we eat

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